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We bring our 5′ tall robot right to your office. Your team has 60 minutes to solve various tasks within the robot and retrieve his brain. The tasks will challenge your team to work together and think creatively, analytically, spontaneously, and so much more.

The power of just playing is amazing in itself, but the real magic happens after your team has completed the tasks in the robot.

It is much easier to come up with and share ideas to constantly improve your team when situations are viewed through the lens of a game. We guide a discussion that uses the games in the robot to relate to real scenarios in the office. We keep the lens of the game on and discover how the team would react in those scenarios, which are conveniently analogous to the office.

The magic is that the solutions the team discovers through the games are also the solutions to improve the team. The team comes up with their own solutions, making them more actionable and inspiring.

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