About Us

We are •playful•

When we were kids, everything was possible…and it still is! We just need to play a little more. Happy people are productive people.

We are •open•

Collaborative Play exists to help your business. In our minds the best way to improve is to be open to wacky ideas because that is where brilliance lives. We also love your suggestions to help us serve you better because we know how important it is to always be improving.

We are •brilliant•

Our mission is to make every team as good as it can be. That’s a big mission! And we are doing it with games…and we think that is brilliant.

We are •together•

We think that we are more powerful than we even know and the best way to find our potential is through an amazing team!

We are •innovative•

We know that bringing a robot to your office is a bit strange…and it works!



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